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Stephen Beeman January 7, 2013 2 Tips & Tricks

These are the currently known issues in version 1.0 of the iOS Girl Genius Paper Dolls app. We are currently working on version 1.1, which will address these issues and add new content. Thank you for your patience.

Front-Facing Camera: Photos taken with the front-facing camera don't work in the app--they're rotated 90 degrees from the way you want them to be.

Startup Logo Jumps: When the startup logo starts to fade out, it jumps up/sideways noticeably.

Character Selection: It's possible to tap on the cameos that are mostly off the screen, opening them. You should be able to drag the off-screen cameos, but only the one in the center should be openable.

Pinch Zoom: The zoom is centered on the first finger. Instead it should be centered on a point midway between the two fingers.

Zoom Background: Currently, backgrounds can be zoomed out, but once you let go they can't be zoomed in again.